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Height polygon


With 35 height elements and a zip line of 160 m long, height polygon for adults with a minimum height of 140 cm is located in oak forest.It is a challenge for the whole family. It is made up of platforms on tree-linked bridges so that each represents a different difficulty of crossing. Prepare yourself to try walking on the rope, crossing the bars, hanging on hanging ropes and rocks, and keeping the stability and balance on the giant swing!

Your safety is our priority. Our team will accompany you at every step in your adventure and make sure you use the professional climbing gear equipment in the correct way.

The park also has other polygons for children from 4 years and older.

Paintball and splatmaster


Tactical outcry and shooting skills will be crucial for this team game that runs on an equipped 1800 m2. The Arena has many hideouts that will allow you to catch the rivals unprepared and show them what the game is!

(for adults and children over 12 years)

The ability to choose different packages. Each pack contains the Tippmann FT-12 marker, gloves, mask, protective jacket and waistcoat.

The game lasts until all balls are spent. There is an option for an extra package of balls.

(For children under 12 years)

The package contains 100 balls per person. Rifles are much weaker than the standard ones and are tailored for children. The game ends when all the balls are spent.


The descent from the top of the tree, 10 meters high by long cables of 160 m length, provides an unforgettable adrenaline experience! Suitable for all age groups.

Each visitor gets security equipment and detailed instructions.

Giant swing

This attraction is an adrenaline treat for brave people. Experience the extreme impact of free fall from a height of 12 m.

Maximum 3 people per descent.

Buggy ride
(exclusively children from 5 to 15 years)

Driving on the circular track the approximate length of 500 m. Brighten the day to your toddler and take him on a wild ride!


One novelty in our area is surely archery. You are invited to try your precision in target shooting. This attraction can be very fun, can be played as a competition so it is ideal for two or more people.

For whom it is intended?

Young people-individuals who crave adrenaline


This recreational park provides families, friends, individuals with a blend of recreation, adrenaline and exercise, and the opportunity to spend quality time on various activities in the fresh air, fitness exercises, strength training and contributes to overcoming fear, developing self-confidence, motor skills, resourcefulness, and balance. It also provides a dose of adventure and adrenaline and an unforgettable experience.

Test your limits and try out in adrenaline activities such as:


Bring your family into an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Shoot your adventurous spirit and mingle with nature. Adrenalin park is a challenge for the youngest and oldest, from four years onwards this park is ideal for gaining self-confidence, physical creativity, develop motor skills through easy and difficult obstacles that give rise to competitive and adventurous spirit.

Small path up to one meter height ensures your little adventurers adrenaline adventure through physical and mental development of overcoming obstacles with the highest level of security. After successfully crossing polygon, driving pulley by cables (zip-line) 30m long on children's adventure trail right to the end.

Our bar that is integrated into a natural forest environment, offers a place for barbecues, relaxation and rest.

Attractions for the family (20% discount on the full offer):

Team building

Team-building is now essential and very important for the functioning of every firm. Expanding the awareness of the importance of collegial relationships, teamwork and trust among colleagues is the foundation of every organization's business. Along with the exciting team-building programs you will be able to participate in the fun adventure of building a collective, communication and connecting the participants to the team through collaboration and mutual trust, all with top-notch entertainment guaranteed by our team . At an attractive location in nature, through various activities at one place and with professional and friendly staff, quality service and affordable prices Adrenalin Park Medulin offers a fantastic experience.

Celebrations of birthdays and parties

Celebrate your birthday at the Adrenalin Park with an unforgettable experience and an active entertainment.

We offer a variety of activities in the fresh air, with various attractions, such as:

The birthday party is suitable for children over 6 years of age. We provide a place for barbecues and drinks from our bar. Also, the birthdayboy/girl gets a free attraction as a birthday present ☺


Adrenalin Park is an ideal place for children, preschools and school groups. Children will have fun with different attractions to enjoy and spend a lot of energy along with various attractions.

Also if you are on excursion or simply have the desire to make your schoolchildren calm the hot summer days of the summer we will gladly host you and make your day special.

For groups of more than 15 people you can get up to 30% discount on all park activities (except Paintball / Splatmaster)